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Tanz in Bern – International Festival of Contemporary Dance

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22. October 2015
8:30 pm

Cullberg Ballet/Jefta van Dinther (SE): Plateau Effect


Plateau Effect Cullebrg BalettenKoreograf Jefta Van Dinther

If you are into movement and fabric and lighting effects, this production is a must. Carefully weaving movement meets actually woven fabric, drapes and cloths. You can delve into a sensual experience of dance and moving bodies in van Dinther’s choreography. This work – forged by layers of movement, performance, costumes, light and sound – challenges your way of looking at dance. So dive in and let yourself be sucked into this sensual spectacle, which marks at the same time this year’s festival opening.



23. & 24 October 2015
9 pm

François Chaignaud & Cecilia Bengolea (FR): Dub Love


DUB LOVE, choregraphie et conception Francois Chaignaud et Cecilia Bengolea a la Menagerie de Verre du 26 au 28 novembre dans le cadre du Festival Inaccoutumes. Avec: Francois Chaignaud, Cecilia Bengolea, Ana Pi et High Elements (musique). (photo by Pascal Victor/ArtComArt)

You’re into pointe work? Wait until you have seen pointe work being taken to a completely different terrain. Dancers dressed in all-in-ones carve out the stage with visceral movement to driving beats and sounds produced by the live DJ on stage. What makes this work special is not only the music style, a hybrid of hip hop, garage and electro pop, but also how the classical technique pointe work meets the more earth bound, idiosyncratic movement of Brazilian candomblé, dancehall movements and other religious dances. Classical pointe shoes meet reggae infused sounds.


Friday 23: Post-performance talk with dancers and choreographers
Saturday 24: Talk with Voyeure Bern before and after the show.



28. & 29 October 2015
8 pm

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas: Verklärte Nacht


Verklärte Nacht 4 © Anne Van Aerschot.JPG

Set to the rich intoxicating score of Arnold Schönberg’s  «Transfigured Night», this work by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will touch you on many levels. It draws inspiration from a poem about a woman confessing to the man she loves that she will be expecting a child from another man. De Keersmaekers choreographic handwriting is so distinct and clearly visible in this sinuous duet, lit beautifully by Luc Schaltin. The movement references Rodin’s sculptures, spiralling movement, and supporting movement for women during labour.


Wednesday 28, 7:30pm: Introduction with Prof. Christina Thurner, University of Bern. Post-performance talk with dancers Samantha van Wissen, Bostjan Antoncic, Nordine Benchorf.
Thursday 29, 7:30pm: Open discussion before and after the performance.



31 October & 1 November 2015
9pm & 8pm

Marlene Monteiro Freitas: of ivory and flesh – statues also suffer



Marlene Monteiro Freitas marries the idea of statues, crafted from stone, wax, wood and other materials, and what they stand for in human cultural tradition with the idea of metamorphosis: Statues morphing into humans and vice versa. Thus this work is reflecting on the idea of petrification and with that stillness and movement, the two opposite ends of the movement spectrum. Expect jerked movement and driving beats under vivid lighting.


Saturday 31, 8:30pm: Introduction to the piece. Post-performance talk with Marlene Monteiro Freitas.


2 & 3 November
7:30 pm

Jan Martens (BE): Ode to the Attempt
Eduardo Fukushima (BR): Crooked Man


Jan Martens


His new solo is about the artist and the human being Jan Martens – another layer is added: relating the human and artist to the infiltration and effect new technologies have upon our lives. This collage-like self-portrait will draw you into his world of art, being an artist and artistry as such: a light-hearted window into a choreographers mind. Authenticity, manipulation, coolness, perfectionism, humor and melancholy form the extremes between which Martens moves, wondering whether he is part of the new generation.
Eduardo Fukushima


The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative 2012-2013, Rolex Arts Weekend, Venice, October 19, 2013. Crooked Man, solo performance of cycle 6 protégé in dance Eduardo Fukushima. Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Cenacolo Palladiano Courtesy of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, ©Rolex/Bart Michiels
Fukushima, a frequent guest at the dance world’s most famous festivals, works in this solo under the assumption that «man has always been crooked». Morals, values are in a state of flux. Fukushima puts movement or rather broken movement to this crookedness. An enthralling work, that has you disturbed and aesthetically pleased at the same time.


Monday 2, 7pm: Open discussion before and after the performances.
Tuesday 3: Post-performance talk with Jan Martens and Eduardo Fukushima.


5 November
8 pm

Vera Tussing (UK): T-Dance


T-Dance Screen Kopie


«T-Dance» is a choreography about touch and all its’ implications. It is a playful, meaningful and – yes – touching piece. Tussing – an artist emerging from the Place in London – crafted a beautiful, tactile and haptic work. Her movement language is rooted in a strong contemporary dance tradition yet she takes her own twist on it.


Thursday 5: Post-performance talk with Vera Tussing and Voyeure Bern.


7 November
20:00 Uhr

Liz Kinoshita (CA): VOLCANO


VOLCANO 93 ∏ Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker


In spite of its’ title, VOLCANO does not deal with the natural phenomenon, but with the unexpected pause to our ever busy, travelling lifestyles caused by Eyjafjallajökull in 2010. Kinoshita creates her own world with earthy colours, self-composed songs and her idiosyncratic movement style. The choreography for herself and three more dancers incorporates movement materials from Tap Dance and Musicals, which provide the driving backdrop to this exploration of an unexpected halt.


Saturday 7, 7:30pm: Introduction to «VOLCANO»




22. October
6 pm
Tanzraum – Rehearsal room


Cullberg Ballet: Dance introduction with Cullberg Rehearsal Director Thomas Zamolo.

Registration is free for spectators of the show. Register here.



30. October
10 am – 6:30 pm
31. October
10 am – 1 pm

What happens after your dance carreer?


Workshop for professional dancers. With Katrin Kolo, former dancer, economist, corporate choreographer, Masters in Economics and Transdisciplinarity.

Counseling meetings are offered, with Carole Augustus (former dancer and certified coach), Katrin Kolo, Sarah Guillermin and Oliver Dähler.


Participation is free, registration is mandatory.



31. October
2 pm

Dance! and then?


The significance of career transition in dancers‘ life. Round table Discussion.


Free Entrance